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The Specific Effect and Precautions of Wolfberry Soaked in Water

The Specific Effect and Precautions of Wolfberry Soaked in Water

Issue Time:2022/01/11
 the specific effects and precautions of wolfberry soaked in water
Wolfberry is the ripe fruit of the Solanaceae plant Lycium barbarum. Picked when the fruit is ripe in summer and autumn, remove the stalk, put it in a cool place to dry until the peel is wrinkled, and then expose it to the sun until the peel is dry and the flesh is soft. Next, we will talk about the specific effects and precautions of wolfberry soaked in water.

Specific effect

1. The effect of beauty

Taking a cup of wolfberry tea every day has the effect of beauty, and can improve the ability of the skin to absorb oxygen so that it can help the surface skin cells have enough nutrients to maintain, making the skin more white and elastic.

2. Improve sleep

Drinking wolfberry and red dates in water can help improve sleep. It is recommended to take a cup of wolfberry tea every afternoon, which can greatly improve sleep quality at night. Drinking it regularly can improve your physical fitness.

3. Delay aging

The nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, and iron contained in wolfberry have good antioxidant effects. Lycium barbarum can resist free radical peroxidation and prevent cells from being damaged by free radicals and causing aging. Often drinking wolfberry soaked in water can effectively delay aging and prolong life.

4. Improve eyesight

Drinking wolfberry in water has a very good effect of improving eyesight, improving dry eyes, eye fatigue, blurred vision, dizziness, etc. caused by long-term eye use. In addition, when the weather is hot, the body is prone to get angry and the anger is strong. At this time, taking wolfberry fruit can also play a role in clearing the fire.

5. Improve immunity

Lycium barbarum can improve human immunity, reduce the toxic and side effects of cyclophosphamide in anti-tumor treatment, promote the recovery of hematopoietic function, increase the number of white blood cells in the peripheral blood, and have a protective effect on the body. It has a health-care and promotion effect on the internal organs and blood circulation of the human body and is very suitable for people with weak constitution and poor resistance.

6. Anti-hair loss

Since the growth of hair is closely related to the health of the kidneys and blood circulation, and wolfberry has a good effect on nourishing the kidney and promoting blood circulation, it is also one of the good medicines for preventing hair loss. Soaking wolfberry in water is very suitable for patients with hair loss, which can effectively improve the internal circulation of the human body and create a natural and healthy environment for hair growth.

7. Tonify the kidney

Lycium barbarum has been good medicine for kidneys since ancient times. Drinking wolfberry in water can invigorate the kidney. It has a certain curative effect. Lycium barbarum has a unique role in invigorating the kidney and strengthening yang, and can also treat chronic renal failure.

8. Nourish the liver and protect the liver

Drinking wolfberry in water has a protective effect on liver damage, can help promote protein synthesis, promote the recovery of liver cell function, and effectively nourish and protect the liver.


1. Nosebleeds should eat it with caution

Wolfberry is suitable for people with weak constitutions and poor immunity. However, in the process of taking it, it must be adhered to for a long time, and only a little bit every day can be effective.

Lycium barbarum contains betaine, amino acids, carotene, vitamins B1, B2, C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other ingredients. It is good for human health, but pay attention to the dosage. Excessive consumption of wolfberry will make people angry, nosebleed, and even cause red and swollen eyes.

2. People with diarrhea should not eat it

Although wolfberry has a good tonic and therapeutic effect, it may have a bad effect on people with high blood pressure, irritability, and inflammation in the body.

3. People with spleen deficiency should eat it with caution

For people with spleen deficiency, if they often drink wolfberry in water, it is easy to cause the spleen and stomach to block the phlegm and cause indigestion.

In fact, if the wolfberry can be chewed directly into the mouth, the body will more easily and fully absorb the nutrients contained in it, and it can also maximize the health benefits of the wolfberry. However, it is important to note that when chewing wolfberry, the amount should not be too much, and it should be controlled at about half of the amount of drinking water to avoid excessive nourishment.

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