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What Considerations Should We Pay Attention to when Choosing Raisins?

What Considerations Should We Pay Attention to when Choosing Raisins?

Issue Time:2021/12/30
 the considerations for selecting raisins

The grapes are dried into raisins, which are rich in nutrients and are the first choice for snacks after meals. The quality of raisins also determines their taste, so GOODLUCK has compiled the following considerations for everyone to pay attention to when buying raisins.


Raisins are divided into special grade, first grade, second grade, and third grade. Special grade raisins are definitely the best, and the quality of other grades declines in order. The raisins with full grains, uniform size, and no peculiar smell are super or first-grade raisins. The sub-grade raisins have small particles, uneven color, and hard texture, and taste sour and unpalatable. The prices of different grades of raisins are also different. You can buy different grades of raisins according to your actual situation.


The size of the raisins of the same grade and the same variety will also vary, and the color will naturally be different. When buying raisins, you should be careful of those raisins with no difference in color, because it is possible that the merchant added pigments for the beauty of the raisins. Pigmented raisins are not only unpalatable but also bad for your health if you eat too much. Therefore, we recommend that you do not buy raisins that have the same color.


Everyone may think that the larger the raisin particles, the better the quality. In fact, this understanding is wrong. The size of the raisins has nothing to do with the quality, the size is different only because of the different grape varieties. High-quality raisins are relatively uniform in size, well-proportioned in shape, plump and fleshy, and taste sweet and sour when they are of the same variety. If the raisins of the same variety are not uniform in size, they are relatively inferior raisins, which taste a bit sour and even have some astringency, so it is not recommended to buy them.

Degree of dryness

Raisins need to be dried in the sun to form, so the water content is relatively low. When we buy raisins, we can grab them and squeeze them. If the raisins are not deformed, it means that the water content is low and they can be stored for a long time without deterioration. Such raisins have a higher concentration of sugar in the pulp and taste sweeter. If you can easily squeeze the raisins, it means that there is still more water in them. After buying such raisins, it is easy to go bad and moldy, and the raisins with high water content are not so sweet.

Surface impurities

Because raisins are dehydrated from fresh grapes, the surface is crumpled. When buying raisins, you can pick them up and gently squeeze them to feel the hardness of the raisins. If they are rough to the touch, it means that there is some fine sand on the surface of the raisins, so it is not recommended to buy them.

If you can fully consider these factors when choosing raisins, we can avoid choosing inferior raisins with poor taste. GOOD LUCK has many vineyards that grow high-quality grapes. Our raisins are cleaned and processed using the latest technology in Germany and Belgium. If you have a need for this, we are undoubtedly your best choice.

As an experienced supplier of agricultural products, GOOD LUCK always upholds a responsible attitude to consumers and controls the quality of our products. We are equipped with a professional quality inspection system and a comprehensive management team, which can control the quality of our products in an all-round way. At the same time, we will also provide users with customized packaging services and related after-sales services. If you buy our delicious raisins, please contact us immediately!
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