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4 Tips for Choosing High-quality Pistachios

4 Tips for Choosing High-quality Pistachios

Issue Time:2021/12/22
some tips for selecting high-quality pistachios for everyone

Pistachio is rich in many nutrients and has an excellent taste, it is very popular among the public. However, many people have some cognitive misunderstandings when choosing pistachios, so they choose inferior pistachios, which leads to poor taste. GOOD LUCK has compiled the following tips for selecting high-quality pistachios for everyone, we hope they can be helpful to everyone.

1. The color of the nuts

When buying pistachios, you must pay special attention to the color of the kernel. Normally, the color of the normal pistachio kernel should be mainly green. This is the natural pistachio without any additives. Many people mistakenly believe that the yellower the color of pistachio nuts, the better. This is a very wrong perception. In many cases, the pistachio nut yellow is not fresh, and even after adding bleaching powder, the nut will turn yellow. Therefore, we should try to avoid buying this kind of pistachio.

2. Natural opening

Pistachios also mean to smile often, so many people often buy open pistachios when they buy them. Under normal circumstances, pistachios will automatically open when they are ripe. It can be said that this is a symbol of ripeness and edibility. If they are immature, it means they cannot be eaten.

Many processors now use external force to open the pistachios. If the shell can be completely closed or has only a small seam, the pistachio is artificially opened. If it can be completely closed or there is only a small seam, it is artificially opened. Generally, pistachios with natural openings tend to have large slits, which can never be completely closed.

3. The bigger the better

When choosing pistachios, the bigger the better, usually the bigger one not only has the quality assurance but also tastes more delicious. However, under normal circumstances, large pistachios are much more expensive than small ones, but experts point out that the larger the pistachios, the higher the nutritional value contained in them. Studies have found that the heart fruit contains a lot of arginines, which can not only effectively relieve arteriosclerosis, but also reduce the risk of a heart attack.

And middle-aged and elderly people who eat more pistachios in their daily lives can also reduce cholesterol and blood lipids, especially those who have suffered from various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should eat more.

4. Shell color

When choosing pistachios, you should also pay special attention to the color of its shell. Normally, the color of the shell is mainly light yellow. Only this is the guarantee of quality and health. If the shell of the pistachio is white, it means that it is probably bleached with hydrogen peroxide. This kind of pistachio must not be eaten.

Different from other nuts, pistachios are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and oils. If they are stored improperly, they will produce mildew and have an unpleasant smell. This can also be our reference when choosing. The pistachios produced by GOOD LUCK are full and nutritious and are loved by many customers.

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