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Walnuts Wholesale

We offer wholesale walnuts in bulk including 185,33, Xin2, Xinfeng, Xinguang, kernels have extra light,light,amber and more. Shop bestselling sizes such as halves, quarters, pieces and crumbs as well as food industry specific products to meet your needs! Our walnuts and kernels for wholesale come in both vacuum bags or carton boxes for easy dispensing and shipping. Choose cheaper and better walnut products origin from Xinjiang Aksu, China where is the best place to grow walnuts, so that our walnuts are competitive in the international market, we can also offer additional customized packs based on quantity at cheaper wholesale price!

Pumpkin Seeds Wholesale

We supply pumpkin seeds pumpkin seed kernels wholesale. Our pumpkin seeds for sale come in both catering and food processing. Choose better Non-GMO pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed kernels from top-grade, grade AAA, grade AA, grade A, as well as pepitas wholesale packed in vacuum bags supplied by factories, but we can also offer additional custom packing boxes based on quantity -- all at wholesale Pricing.

Sunflower Seeds Wholesale

Xinjiang GOODLUCK is the professional supplier of quality wholesale sunflower seed products in China whose products have been sold all over the world. We offer wholesale sunflower seed products in bulk including 5009/361/363/601, etc. These products have gained many international certificates like CIQ, SGS, HACCP. We can supply customized packs In 25 kg woven pp bag or other requirements. We also give you exclusive services like OEM or ODM. Our sunflower seeds and sunflower seed kernels originate from Inner Mongolia and other provinces of China where is the appropriate places to grow a sunflower. We have many farm bases and factories that make our output of sunflower seed products nearly 150000T per year.

Macadamia Nuts Wholesale

Bulk fresh macadamia nuts of Xinjiang GOODLUCK, selected from many strict processes, is famous for creamy tasty and easier shipment. Basic requirements Macadamia trees originate from the sub-tropical rainforests of Yunnan and therefore tend to grow best in areas of high humidity and high rainfall. They will grow optimally at average annual temperatures between 25 and 30°C in a deep, well-draining loam and sandy loam with a pH between 5.0 and 5.5, and then, they will be selected by advanced machines, we can provide you the premium macadamia nuts which have huge kernels. The supply ability of macadamia nuts is about 3000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year. We also provide additional customized packs, such as vacuum bags, cartons and pp bags, based on quantity at cheaper wholesale pricing!

Raisins Wholesale

As a famous manufacturer of top-quality raisins kismis of China, Xinjiang GOODLUCK has plenty of vineyards where plant premium grapes. And then, we will make raisins by enough sunshine. Our Raisins are washed & processed using the latest technology from Germany & Belgium. De-stoner & stem removing machines have also been installed. Additionally, our Raisins passes through Laser Sorting Machine. When demanded, we also undertake 100% hand-sorting of Raisins and supply customized packs of vacuum bags and cartons. Listed as green, black, and golden, our raisins have a unique taste. In addition to their wonderful flavor, raisins are one of the healthiest natural alternatives to those manufactured candies which are full of processed sugar  Raisins can be an excellent ingredient for a lot of foods, from bakery to desserts to savory dishes.

Pistachio Nuts Wholesale

China supplier wholesale roasted salted Pistachios nuts with natural white color and crisp taste, origin from Xinjiang China. There are many procedures involved in the manufacture of our roasted salted pistachio nuts that result in top quality and better taste. For our big clients, we supply customized packs, such vacuum bags and pp bags. Our pistachio has a big kernel rare nearly 95%. We will send samples according to your demand. Our products are new crop so that you can kept them for nearly 2 years. Pistachio nuts have a wide range of applications, such as food processing, catering and snacking. There are different sizes of our pistachio like 22/24,24/26,26/28,28/30 which can be used in different ways. Choose Xinjiang GOODLUCK's pistachio nuts, we will be deliver as your in only 15 days——all at wholesale price!

Beans Wholesale

Quality and cheap new crop Non-GMO Xinjiang China beans of Xinjiang GOODLUCK are on hot sale in the international market. Due to many farm bases and factories, our beans output is still large and stable. We mainly sell mung beans,red&Adzuki beans, kidney beans, and so on. For the big clients, we supply customized packs like 25kg pp woven bags or cartons that can be easily delivered. We not only produce and allocate beans but also ship them. We can meet your needs for bulk bean products and quick delivery. Our beans originate from northeastern China where is the best place to grow beans. Our skilled employees and advanced product lines can choose premium beans for our clients. Our trade and sale support team will give you first-hand information about our bean products.

Goji(Wolfberry) Wholesale

Goji is also called wolfberry in some western countries. Xinjiang GOODLUCK's dried goji usually origin from Ningxia and Gansu, the best places to grow goji berry where have appropriate soil, plenty of sunshine and pure water. We have many bases to product goji so that our output is large and stable. We can supply goji 1000 Metric Tons per Year. If you want to buy goji berry in bulk, we will package our products in customized packs, such as cartons, pp bags and vacuum bags. Our goji products have several packing specifications including 500g/bag, 1kg/bag, 5kgs/bag Or 10kg/bulk package. We spare no effort to meet your customization! Choose our goji, we will be delivered as your need——all at wholesale price!

Chestnuts Wholesale

Xinjiang GOODLUCK has some farm bases and factories that produce chestnuts with no artificial coloring & preservatives and uses clean and safe facilities for making chestnuts of high quality. Xinjiang GOODLUCK'S chestnuts are rich in their own scent and the texture is very soft. Our chestnuts have gone through a sterilization process, so it is safe to eat for all ages. If you want to buy our products in bulk, we will supply customized packs like woven pp bags, vacuum bags and cartons which are all easier to deliver. We have a wide range of chestnuts' sizes, such as 30-40-50-60-70-80Pcs/Kg, so we can meet your different demands.

Chickpeas Wholesale

Chickpeas, named for their chick-look, have a crisp taste and be on hot sale. Xinjiang GOODLUCK has some specialized farm bases and factories professional in producing roasted and raw chickpeas. Our chickpeas have a large and stable output. We can deliver our chickpeas within 15 working days after receive your prepayment. When you want to buy our chickpeas in bulk we will supply customized packs like Can (Tinned), Gift Packing, Tank, Vacuum Pack, there's always one kind suit for you! Our wholesale price of chickpeas is reasonable and competitive, you can use them in many scenarios like food processing and catering.

Feed Meal Wholesale

Xinjiang GOODLUCK is a professional producer and provider of Non-GMO feed meals, the raw materials of our feed meals are soya beans which can be used for for chicken, horse, cattle, pig and birds.We have several factories specialized in producing feed meals and our quality control is strict. Our supply sbility is 20000 Ton/Tons per Year. We have sold our products to many foreign countries all around world, such as Germany, America, Dubai and Egypt. The delivey time of our feed meals are usually within 2 weeks after confirming the contract. Besides OEM and ODM, we supply other lastest informations of our shipment and service.

Dried Fruits

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