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The Specific Effects and Precautions of Eating Raisins

The Specific Effects and Precautions of Eating Raisins

Issue Time:2022/02/22
the precautions for eating chestnuts to prevent harm to your health
Raisin is a very common dried fruit delicacy. Its taste is sweet and nutritious. Regular consumption can have the following effects and effects on the human body. However, if it is eaten incorrectly, it may lead to certain health hazards, so we need to pay attention to the following precautions and prohibited crowds from eating raisins.

The efficacy and role of raisins

1. Helps digestion

On the one hand, the dietary fiber in raisins can promote gastrointestinal motility, speed up the excretion of stool, and help to relax the bowels and prevent constipation. On the other hand, tartaric acid in raisins is an organic acid, which can promote the secretion of digestive juice and help the gastrointestinal tract to digest; on the other hand, raisins are rich in sugar, and eating some in moderation can strengthen the spleen and stomach, and can relieve the weakness of the spleen and stomach. resulting in loss of appetite.

2. Improve anemia

Human anemia is mainly caused by iron deficiency, and the iron content of raisins is 15 times that of fresh grapes. In addition, raisins also contain a variety of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Therefore, eating raisins in moderation can prevent and improve the symptoms of anemia.

3. Relieve aging

The flavonoids contained in raisins are a good antioxidant, and at the same time, they can also remove free radicals in the body, protect cells from free radical damage, and have the effect of relieving aging.

4. Relieve fatigue

The fructose, amino acids, and vitamins contained in raisins have a very good effect on relieving daily nerve and physical fatigue, quickly replenishing the daily needs, and giving yourself a good mental state.

5. Control blood pressure

Raisins concentrate the minerals in fresh grapes, especially potassium. The potassium content in 100 grams of ordinary raisins reaches 995 mg, which is nearly 20 times that of refined white rice. If you eat raisins properly, it will help control blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Side effects of raisins

1. Eating too much is bad for your health

Raisins are high in sugar. If you don’t rinse your mouth or brush your teeth in time after eating, the bacteria in the mouth will multiply and affect the health of the oral cavity. In addition, if you eat too much, it is easy to gain weight and get angry and other symptoms. It is recommended to eat about 10 grams a day. of raisins is appropriate.

2. Raise blood sugar

The sugar content of raisins is very high, reaching 10% to 30%. It is mainly composed of glucose. After eating, it is easy to cause blood sugar to rise. For example, people with high blood sugar themselves should not eat it, so as not to aggravate the disease.

Prohibited crowds of eating raisins

1. Diabetic patients should not eat

Raisins contain a lot of sugar, which is easy to cause blood sugar to rise for diabetic patients, so diabetic patients should avoid raisins at ordinary times.

2. Patients with diarrhea should not eat

Grapes have the effect of promoting digestion. It is best for people with diarrhea to eat fewer grapes or not to eat grapes to avoid the aggravation of diarrhea symptoms, and if people with frequent diarrhea symptoms should eat fewer grapes as much as possible.

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