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Our clients will gain customized products which come from advanced modern factories

Our clients will gain customized products which come from advanced modern factories

Issue Time:2021/09/27
GOODLUCK has several farms and factories in China,we have a powerful team that can concentrate a large number of agricultural products to meet clients’needs.
According to the differences of customers, we will provide exclusive ODM services.If you just want our products for food processing,you can specify what you want in our contract.We ship products in only two weeks.

If you have your own brand and want to spread it all over world,we can also give you OEM service.We will print your logo in the packs according to your requests.
September is harvest time,we have gained hundreds of orders about newest crop products.

With the help of professional working team and advanced equipments, output of GOODLUCK is large and stable,we can produce 500000 ton products every year. If you want to several ships of agricultural products,contact us is an excellent choice.
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