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New crop walnuts of GOODLUCK will coming,how many steps we produce walnuts?

New crop walnuts of GOODLUCK will coming,how many steps we produce walnuts?

Issue Time:2021/08/22
Every August and September is the time to crop walnuts . Dalian GOODLUCK will provide customers high-quality products which are selected by advanced machines and professional employees. Our walnuts are large in size and and big in kernels. The price is lower than other international walnuts. After place an order for bulk walnuts, we will deliver in two weeks.
Our walnuts production process include the following steps:

1.We pick walnuts from our own farms,and send these walnuts to our factories.

2.In our factories,we will disinfect walnuts to ensure the sanitary safety.

3.We will use advanced equipments to remove the outer green peel of walnuts.

4.After peeling the walnuts, we will send them into the washing machine to make sure the residue on the walnut shells is cleaned.
5.We will put washed walnuts under the sunshine for two or three days so that the moisture in the walnuts will be completely evaporated.
6.And then,we will bake walnuts to ensure that the moisture inside the walnuts can meet clients standard.
7.Baked walnuts will be sent to the sieving machines, walnuts which are not up to the standard will be removed.

8.Our skilled workers will manually screen the walnuts again to minimize the defective rate.
9.According to the requirements of customers, we will put the selected walnuts into customized packs and send them all over the world.
As supplier of primary agricultural products, GOODLUCK is very certified in the production process for promoting the quality of products, that is why foreign clients speak highly of GOODLUCK.
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