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Goodluck Trade Team
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Professional team
Goodluck provides professional solutions for global catering, wholesale, and retail.We can offer our clients a complete menu of our products.Our team can assist clients to attract target customers.
Goodluck CEO Candy Dong

Candy Dong

Candy DONG,,General Manager of Goodluck,who has been experienced in global agricultural products trading for nearly 20 years.She is the leading figure of agricultural trading in China.

Dong has opted for a career in agricultural trade since she graduated from University.She can unite people around a vision and motivate a team to excellence. She expects no more from the others than what she expects from herself.

Before set up GOODLUCK,Dong has studied the entire agricultural history and observed its business strategies. She select dry fruits and beans as the company's flagship product.

As she expected,these products were welcomed by global clients.Her company's performance has made a great progress, in a leading enterprise in the agricultural trading.

Goodluck Alice Lin

Alice Lin

Alice graduated from the top university in China,her high level of professionalism has has conquered many clients’ hearts.

After leaving college, Alice turned down a lot of offers from big companies and set herself up as a trade manager in GOODLUCK.

Alice can find opportunities where other people see none and turn ideas into projects, and projects into serial success.

She endeavour to deliver high-quality work on time, every time. Choosing her is a real guarantee for results.

Goodluck Sarah Tan

Sarah Tan

Sarah is one of the most experienced sellers in Goodluck,her clients come from nearly 100 countries.

Sarah takes work ethics very seriously,her integrity makes a deep impression on customers.Once a customer gave her an extra $1,000,she repayed immediately when she realized the problem.

Sarah can make decisions rapidly if needed,if you want to do a deal relievedly,choose her.

Goodluck Sophia Li

Sophia Li

Sophia is a very outstanding sellers in our company,she is proficient in products analysis.All of he clients give her highly praise.

After gratuated from key university in China,Sophia received an offer from a large enterprise of food industry.In 2019,she turned down higher-paying jobs to pursue her passion-a trade businesswoman at GOODLUCK.

Sophia knows trade job inside and out,she can give you the better products you need.

Goodluck Beky Wu

Beky Wu

Beky is a veteran seller of agricultural trade.She is very responsible and hardworking.

Beky have clear target, she achieved good results after joined GOODLUCK.Beky is skilled in Identifying, researching, and contacting prospective customers and building positive relationships that will generate future sales and repeat business.

People see beky as fearless. Every time she wants something, it doesn't matter if other thinks she can achieve it or not. She does it anyways.

We believe as long as we work together,we must create greater value!
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